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Opera 10.52
for Windows
сегодня вышла версия
Release date: April 27, 2010
много полезных фиксов, советую скачать!
Opera 10.52 is a recommended stability upgrade.
Opera highly recommends to upgrade to this version..

  • Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain(s)
    важно! у меня часто "случалось"
    Network problem when using a proxy
    Supporting any HTTP verb in XHR, with exceptions
    Multiple connection attempts failing over a proxy
    Incorrect location setting of an HTTPS iframe from different server
    остальное под спойлером

    Opera 10.52 for Windows changelog
    Release notes

    Release date: April 27, 2010

    Opera 10.52 is a recommended stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of these improvements.
    Changes since Opera 10.51
    User Interface
    A tooltip to the Opera O menu
    After removing an option from a SELECT, the wrong option appears selected
    Windowless QuickTime not working
    Context menu search opening in a new tab, and not reusing current tab
    Copy Link Address context menu item following redirects
    Problem with MDI window size after maximizing an Opera window
    Not being able to drag a bookmark into a tab with a page already loaded
    Scrollbars not showing on transformed elements
    Old tab content showing briefly when opening link in a new tab
    Middleclick scrolling also scrolls fixed positioned content
    Opening and closing an Opera Panel changes the position of a child window
    Slow scrolling when using page search (when page is dimmed)
    UI dropdowns should be closing when their parent button is clicked a second time
    Crash dialog not defaulting to a restart of Opera
    Warning dialog for configuration file download not disappearing
    Problem occurring after customizing the Transfers Panel
    "Copy Video Address" not working
    "Exit" button in sync dialog not working
    Flash videos flickering, disappearing, or being corrupted after scrolling
    First Opera Link synchronization not properly syncing modified bookmarks
    Not being able to copy an audio address in a context menu
    "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" always being disabled/grayed out in a right-click context menu
    "New Tab" from Dock or Jumplist creating a new window with two tabs
    Printing dialog on maps.google.com blocks keyboard input
    Check boxes not having a focus indication
    Client being put in an endless synchronization loop
    Problem closing a tab with customized search field or appearance dialog open
    Problem occurring with the Westpac bank Web site
    Gray out/disable "remove from toolbar" for the Opera O menu button
    Edited Notes not being updated when using Opera Link
    Filename missing from the image context menu
    Freeze when importing a large bookmark file
    Problem occurring after synchronization
    "Reload Image" being ignored after an unfinished image load
    Mouse gesture "Back | Close page" not working for the "Close page" action
    Several problems related to accessibility
    Problem causing immediate exit on a page with Silverlight
    Clearing of clipboard data from private browsing on tab/window close
    Open window in the background opens a link in a foreground window
    A problem when typing any character in the Open dialog and pressing the Enter key
    Mail, News, Chat
    Mail lost when upgrading from Opera 9.27 to Opera 10.52
    Display and scripting
    Various aspects of the Carakan JavaScript engine
    Several cache issues
    An issue with the image onerror event
    Enabling designmode removes event listeners
    XMLHttpRequest response referrer being wrong when request initiated in call from another frame
    Incorrect precision on negative numbers, setTimeout, and setInterval
    Wrong accelerator key being used for CJK fonts
    Incorrect font being used for UTF-8 pages without a language specified
    Painting issues affecting page scrolling when part of the page is covered
    Opera Dragonfly not selecting an active tab when opened
    Problem when enumerating an object
    Flash video continuing to download after the tab is closed
    Arguments for "execute program" not being sent to the external program
    Problem when changing the skin and color scheme
    Links from external applications not opening in Opera
    Problem when opening international fonts dialog
    Painting issues scrolling page when part of the page is covered by dialog
    Problem with SVG DOM
    Problem with the Facebook website
    Security information dialog entries
    Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain(s)
    Network problem when using a proxy
    Supporting any HTTP verb in XHR, with exceptions
    Multiple connection attempts failing over a proxy
    Incorrect location setting of an HTTPS iframe from different server
    Opera Unite
    Problem when accessing the admin pages
    "Enable Unite" preference not working
    Opera Widgets for Desktop
    Removed security policy restrictions on widget.openURL and external links
    Opera Unite Media Player application being maximized when hovering over the taskbar
    Issue when clicking the right mouse button in the "Connect to Remote Debugger" dialog
    Creating folders is not questioned if an installation path is simply typed
    Widgets with sufficiently long non-ASCII names not always appearing as being installed
    Widget in application mode position being stored incorrectly after a restart
    Spellcheck not fixing words in widgets
    Instance number not displaying on initial installer screen if installing another instance of the same widget
    Widget with : and / in its name not being installed
    Widget freezing when connecting to debugger
не забудьте переименовать расширение в обычный exe
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