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По умолчанию EmEditor.

EmEditor - текстовый редактор.

EmuraSoft EmEditor - текстовый редактор для Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.
Очень хорош как основной инструмент сайтостроителя, в то же время, удобен для написания любых текстов, не требующих сложного Word-форматирования.

Конфигурация (набор настроек), - включая подсветку (подцветку) синтаксиса, - для HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, JSP, ASP, Perl, C#, C++, Java, Pascal (Delphi), SQL, VBScript, Bat, Ini, PerlScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, TeX (LaTeX), VBScript, WindowsScript, x86 Assembler.

EmEditor Professional 7.02 (14/07/2008)

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Русификация для EmEditor 7.02 от [Для просмотра данной ссылки нужно зарегистрироваться]
EmEditor 7.02 (MUI) Professional + 13 PlugIns (32-bit)

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EmEditor Text Editor is a lightweight, yet extendable, easy-to-use text editor for Windows. EmEditor is very customizable, and it supports Unicode and powerful macros. EmEditor now supports very large files - up to 248 GB or 2.1 billion lines! EmEditor is certified for Windows Vista! The x64 Edition is also available! The portable version is also available for USB drive setup!
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3. Powerful macros with your favorite script language!

You can write a macro to do almost whatever you want within EmEditor! Not only can you define a macro which records keystrokes that you use and reference repeatedly, but you can also write your own macros that can manipulate other applications, Windows-based files, or network functionalities. The macros are based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, so you can use all of the powerful, robust objects available under the Windows Scripting Host. You can program macros with popular script languages including JavaScript and VBScript. You can even program with PerlScript, Python, PHPScript, Ruby, and other ActiveScript languages as long as the script engines you want to use are installed on your system. Nevertheless, EmEditor barely forefeits its light-weightedness when using macros. EmEditor macros are modules designed independently of EmEditor executable and are implemented as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file. To conserve system resources, the DLL is only loaded during the macro execution.
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EmEditor is a lightweight, commercial text editor for Microsoft Windows. It is developed by Yutaka Emura of Emurasoft, Inc. Feature-wise, EmEditor is comparable to popular commercial text editors for Windows such as UltraEdit, TextPad, and NoteTab. EmEditor is extensible via plugins and scripts (macros), many of which have been written by the users.

Unicode Support

From the beginning, EmEditor was designed to support Unicode. The author states that "EmEditor supports Unicode natively, and in fact, the whole program is built as a Unicode application."[2] EmEditor also provides tools for work with various text encodings: automatic encoding detection, Byte Order Mark support, file reload with a different encoding, detection of encoding errors.


EmEditor is extensible via plugins written in C/C++. Many features commonly found in text editors, such as Spell Check, Code Folding, Auto-Complete, are implemented as plugins instead of being built-in. The editor's API is available, so that users can write their own plugins.


EmEditor is scriptable. The scripting engine is based on the Windows Script Host (WSH). Individual EmEditor scripts (macros) are stored as separate text files. Simple scripts can be created with a macro recording utility.

By default, EmEditor's scripts are written in either JavaScript (more precisely, JScript) or in VBScript. In general, EmEditor can be scripted in any scripting language that supports Active Scripting, including Python, Ruby, Perl, and PHP. For instance, the user can write EmEditor scripts in Python after installing the official Python distribution from [Для просмотра данной ссылки нужно зарегистрироваться] and also Python for Windows Extensions.

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