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VirtualDub 1.8.7 Build 30080

bugs fixed:
Wheel scrolling now works in the filter crop dialog.
Added clamp in audio conversion dialog to prevent invalid custom sampling rates.
DV: Audio error concealment now works when the PAL/NTSC bit in a frame is incorrect.
Capture: Added option to ignore DirectShow video timestamps when capture driver timing is busted.
JobControl: Rewrote sync mechanism to fix problems with multiple machines attempting to run the same job.

regressions fixed:
JobControl: Fixed crash if job list couldn't be flushed on exit.

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VirtualDub 1.9.0 Build 30586 Experimental

eatures added:
Added internal Huffyuv decoder.
Added "crop to selection" command.
Frameserver startup is now scriptable.
MJPEG decoder now uses Rec. 601 color space instead of JFIF.
4:4:4 planar YCbCr (YV24) is now exposed in the Video Color Depth dialog.
Added support for 4:2:2 10-bit YCbCr (v210) and 4:2:0 YCbCr with interleaved chroma (NV12).
Moved "add as batch job" form of save operations to a separate menu to reduce confusion.
The audio playback device can now be selected in Preferences.
AMD64: MJPEG decoder is now available.
Filters: Warp sharp added as internal filter with YCbCr 4:4:4 support.
Filters: Perspective filter now supports bicubic filtering.
Filters: Blur and Blur More are now supported on AMD64.
Filters: Brightness/contrast filter now supports RGB24 and planar YCbCr formats.
Filters: Levels filter can now work directly in YCbCr formats when luma mode is enabled.
Filters: Bob doubler now allows deinterlacing to be disabled.
Filters: Preview now keeps current position.
Filters: Holding SHIFT when adjusting cropping now aligns to 16 pixel size boundaries.
Display: OpenGL driver supports bicubic filtering.
Display: The fallback to GDI when the app goes into the background can now be disabled.
D3D: Added high-precision pixel shader 2.0 display mode with dithering for slightly better color fidelity.
D3D: HDYC, v210, and Pal8 are now decoded in hardware.
JobControl: The system can now also be put into sleep or hibernation at the end of job queue processing.

bugs fixed:
Fix for ACM decoding/encoding errors with some audio codecs related to requesting a conversion with 0 source bytes.
SaveWAV() script command showed error dialogs instead of redirecting the errors.
Audio display: Ctrl+Drag now explicitly says "shift audio" to avoid confusion.
Capture: Fixed accumulation of "no device found" entries in the menu.
DDraw: Workaround for rare DWMAPI.DLL->USER32.DLL load errors on XP.
Display: Fixed bug where panes didn't redraw when disabled during a render operation.
Display: Fixed disabled panes or panes showing end frames drawing bluish colors rather than the correct Windows background color.

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VirtualDub-MPEG2 1.6.19 Build 24586

Обновилась программа VirtualDub-MPEG2, которая, как понятно из названия, является MPEG2-вариантом известного средства для захвата и обработки видео VirtualDub и разрабатывается отдельным энтузиастом на основе открытых исходных кодов.

bugs fixed:
Fixed crash when creating batch jobs with certain Pinnacle video codecs.
Fixed crash when reading top-down BMP files.
Added workaround for crash on startup on some Windows 98/ME machines.

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