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WinMerge 2.10.4 Stable

New in 2.10 stable release:
Installer installs WinMerge for all users
Add ShellExtension menu for drive letters (root folders)
Unlimited undo in the editor
Big Manual update
PCRE (regular expression library) update (to version 7.7)
Use PCRE in editor regular expressions (Find/Replace)
Plugins disabled by default, new option to enable them
Location pane flickering fixed
Focus losing after folder compare operations fixed
Lots of bugs fixed

Notable in this release:
Add Git to Source Control filter and fix ignore file rules
Release notes update for 2.10.4 release
Bugfix: Move confirmation dialog sometimes had wrong paths
Bugfix: Use translated version of readme.txt for Chinese Simplified
Bugfix: Installer didn't install readme.txt for all translations
Bugfix: Could not give paths to commandline when started WinMerge from Cygwin prompt
Bugfix: Could not open project file that contains an ampersand character in folder names
Bugfix: File compare method "Modified Date and Size" ignored file size
Bugfix: Remove EOL characters from command line
Translation updates for Dutchand Swedish

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