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Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz
Medium and Large Format Photography: Moving Beyond 35mm for Better Pictures

Издательство: Amphoto Books, 2001

This fine book by two accomplished photographers offers an excellent introduction to medium- and large-format photography. For 35mm photographers eager to move up, it is one of the few titles available about medium-format photography and the only recent one. The authors first discuss the many advantages of working with negatives and transparencies in formats larger than 35mm. They next deal with medium-format equipment, which uses roll film, and then large-format cameras, which rely on sheet film in various sizes, most often ranging from 4" 5" to 8" 10". Each of these chapters includes examples of some of the best equipment available in each category. There is also a separate chapter on lenses and accessories, including tripods, light meters, and filters, and another chapter devoted entirely to the darkroom. The book concludes with brief personal essays by each of the authors and appendixes that include information on Polaroid processes, custom cameras, and suggestions for making better photographs.
This informative book is beautifully illustrated with examples of camera equipment and of excellent photographs. Appropriate for all libraries, especially public and academic libraries with good photography collections.
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Angela Faris Belt
The Elements of Photography
Understanding and Creating Sophisticated Images

Издательство: Focal Press; 1 edition (1 Feb 2008)
Формат Файла: PDF

"The kinds of topics that are addressed in this book are happening in a highly animated way among photography educators. The idea of visual literacy--photographers needing both technical and conceptual skills, being informed about their subject matter through interdisciplinary research, and using all of the tools available to make work--that is a distinctive driving concern for all of us engaged in this education."--Dennie Eagleson Associate Professor of Photography, Antioch College
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Lynne Warren
Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography

Издательство: Routledge, USA, UK, 2006
Формат Файла: PDF

In these alphabetically arranged volumes, Warren, along with 227 contributors, strives to "provide a useful resource on the entire scope of photography in the twentieth century." The set has an international reach, and 324 of its 525 entries cover people, mostly photographers. The remaining articles, as outlined in the thematic list of entries, cover "Equipment" (Camera: Digital; Enlarger); "Institutions, Galleries, and Collections" (Museum of Modern Art); "Publications and Publishers" ( National Geographic); "Regions" ( Mexico, photography in); and "Topics and Terms" ( Contact printing, Industrial photography, Photographic "truth"). Some articles, such as Camera: An overview, offer surveys on broad topics. Other, such as C able release, zero in on specifics.
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