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Bias Peak Pro 6

NEW Features in Peak Pro 6:
Advanced Playlist Editing & Mastering
Mastering & "Classical Editing" cross-fade modes: Overlap/Gap & Centered cross-fades provide workflow optimization.
Volume envelopes: easily & precisely edit volumes across entire regions, fades & cross-fades.
Custom default x-fades: create, save & automatically apply your favorite x-fade shapes.
New controls: pre/post roll audition, insert new event at play-head, edit sync between source document and region & more.
Playlist waveform zooming tools: zoom to sample level, auto-zoom to cross-fade, zoom out all the way.

Editing, Processing & Sound Design Power
Cache in RAM: ultra-fast RAM-based editing.
Perpetual Looper DSP: ensures perfect "beat-free" sustained loops on monophonic sources — great for creating instrument sample libraries.
Voiceover Ducking DSP: dynamically lowers music level during voice over — ideal for podcast authoring.
Change Pitch & Convolve Envelope: apply dynamic changes over time.
Change Duration options: algorithmic selection for optimizing results with vocals or musical content.
Vbox™ cross-synthesis link: mix, convolve, vocode, modulate & magnitude multiply virtual instruments, audio, effects & live input for creative sound design.
Advanced dither modeling system: ultra-accurate emulation of most popular dithering technologies
BIAS Freq™-4: 4 band paragraphic EQ.
BIAS Sqweez™-1: compressor/limiter/expander.
BIAS Vbox™ 3: plug-in routing matrix.
32 VST effects (delay, limiter, vocoder, de-ess, tone generator, and more) from Maxim Digital Audio.

User Interface Enhancements
Sleek new user interface — includes global contrast control, magnetic windows and more
Vbox™ MIDI channel mapping, enhanced preset control & more.
Custom playlist user interface: hide/show cross-fade controls & more.
High-resolution meters: logarithmic metering with high-precision, user configurable standard calibrations.
Support for Frontier Design's Tranzport wireless remote controller (contact BIAS for additional control surface compatibility info)

Multiple Delivery Tools
Advanced PQ sheet/text export: custom playlist reports with durations, index points, CD-TEXT info, notes, & more. Print, save to PDF, or export as a tab-delimited file.
Quickly export audio documents or playlists directly to iTunes.
Drag & drop audio between iTunes & Peak playlists.
Metadata support: read and write "tags" (artist, album, etc.) for major file types.
Author & upload audio podcasts directly from Peak (.Mac/FTP).
Default Save As: set preferred file type, bit depth & compression.
Save as MP2 & FLAC file formats.

Also includes the Peak Pro Production Pack — over $300 value!
BIAS Reveal™ LE: suite of 7 audio analysis tools.
BIAS SoundSoap™ LE: powerful, "one-click" audio cleaning solution.
WireTap Pro: capture Internet and system audio with no loss of quality or additional cable connections.
SFX Machine LT: real-time VST plug-in with 21 unique & special effects.
Hundreds of top quality audio loops from PowerFX.
100+ high quality sound effects from Hollywood Edge.
1 year free membership from Broadjam.com — online promotional tools for serious musicians. Build your musical career on Broadjam.com.
AMG's "ONE" sample player: real time sample playback instrument featuring a limited selection of quality loop content.
100 high quality production elements from Sound Ideas.

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