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Mp3tag 2.43 Final

Что нового в версии 2.43 от 28/03/2009:
[2009-03-26] CHG: Ctrl+A in Tag Panel edit fields now selects all text.
[2009-03-26] NEW: added support for ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) information fields (bitrate, codec, ...).
[2009-03-18] LNG: Hebrew language file.
[2009-03-10] FIX: action 'Format value' with $regexp resulted in duplication of existing dollar signs in value.
[2009-03-09] FIX: text in Tag Panel fields was always selected if panel was resized.
[2009-03-08] NEW: added functions SayNextNumber, SayNextWord, SayNewline, SayRegexp und Unspace for Web Sources Framework.
[2009-03-08] CHG: Genre field at 'Options > Tag Panel > Default values' now editable.
[2009-03-03] FIX: aspect ratio was not kept when displaying cover art that exceeded the size of the cover art window.
[2009-02-28] CHG: internal undo buffer gets reset when changing directories now.
[2009-02-28] NEW: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab for fast navigation between sub-windows.
[2009-02-26] FIX: overflow at total size in status bar for large archives.
[2009-02-11] CHG: improved performance at creating local freedb indexes.
[2009-02-11] CHG: year field now accepts input longer than 4 characters.
[2009-02-08] NEW: added mappings for WM/AlbumSortOrder, WM/ArtistSortOrder, and WM/TitleSortOrder for WMA tags.
[2009-02-08] NEW: more size-efficient layout of Tag Panel in horizontal mode.
[2009-02-08] NEW: option to hide the directory switcher from the Tag Panel.
[2009-02-03] LNG: Danish language file.
[2009-01-30] FIX: fixed several issues with handling multiple values for WMA tag fields.
[2009-01-13] NEW: notification dialog if files referenced in a playlist cannot be read.
[2008-12-31] NEW: support for %_total_files% in SearchBy part of Web Sources.
[2008-12-30] FIX: minor UI glitch with line cursor at Tag Sources menu.
[2008-12-30] CHG: extended list of default columns for initial installations.
[2008-12-30] CHG: extended fields Album Artist, Composer, and Discnumber are now displayed in Tag Panel (see 'Options > Tag Panel' for configuration).
[2008-12-30] FIX: preview at 'Text file - Tag' ignored blank lines.
[2008-12-30] FIX: TVEPISODE and TVSEASON set by iTunes were not read.
[2008-12-24] FIX: some genres from the extended list of ID3v1 genres were not allowed as standard genres in MP4 tags.
[2008-12-24] LNG: Ukrainian language file.
[2008-12-28] LNG: Vietnamese language file.
[2008-12-12] CHG: consistently removing empty tag fields when saving tags now.
[2008-12-05] FIX: column presets were not included in backup via 'File > Save configuration'.
[2008-12-05] CHG: column presets are now stored in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\columns.
[2008-11-30] FIX: improved error handling for 0 bytes sized files.
[2008-11-24] FIX: improved error handling for broken APIC frames.
[2008-11-22] NEW: option to check for updates on program startup.
[2008-11-22] NEW: function sayuntilml for web sources framework.
[2008-11-16] FIX: runtime error while trying to read empty ID3v2 UFID frames.
[2008-11-09] CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2008-11-06] FIX: lost keyboard focus after removing last cover via extended tag dialog.

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