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VirtualDub 1.9.1 Build 31536 Experimental

Build 31536 (1.9.1, experimental): [March 28, 2009]
[features added]
* Render: Audio buffer size is now tunable in Options > Preferences.
* Render: Blitters are now cached for additional speed.
* Render: Performance sub-panel of status window now shows more appropriate stats.
* Render: Navigation keyboard shortcuts now work during preview.
* Filters: IVTC is now a video filter.
* Filters: Convert format filter now has options for UYVY and YUY2.
* Filters: Field swap now supports YCbCr formats.
* Filters: The filter system now automatically prerolls forward to
compensate for filters with a lag (delay from input to output).
* Filters: New interlace filter to generate interlaced video.
* Filters: New interpolate filter to resample to different frame rates with blending.
* Filters: Added ELA, Yadif, and frame rate doubling modes to deinterlace filter.
* Filters: The filter system is now better at detecting and reporting errors in filters.
* Filters: Fixed overrun crash in box blur filter if radius exceeds size of image.
* PluginAPI: Video filters can request multiple source frames per output frame.
* PluginAPI: Video filters can request aligned scanlines.
* PluginAPI: Video filters can initiate direct bypass for frames during smart rendering.
* Capture: Fixed wrong area captured by screen capture driver with OpenGL acceleration enabled, rescale on, and mouse pointer capture enabled.
* Display: Added options for zooming to 12%.
* UI: Added Ctrl+Shift+F7 as a shortcut for batching Save AVI.
* UI: Preview no longer sticks if you seek to the end of the timeline.
* UI: Curve editor position now updates at end of timeline.
* AVI: Added DVSD to list of video formats that only have key frames.
[bugs fixed]
* Audio duration in File Information was incorrect for VBR audio streams.
* Fixed crashes with test videos when input color format was set to 4:4:4 YCbCr (YV24).
* Audio display now updates after preview stops.
* Decoders: MJPEG decoder was decoding blocks in the wrong order for 4:2:0 mode.
* Decoders: MJPEG decoder didn't safely handle corrupt data having skip-16
codes overruning the coefficient matrix.
* Filters: Fixed cases where resize filter was not using fast paths for 1:1 resampling along an axis.
* Filters: Fixed crash in warpsharp filter due to out of bounds displacement vectors.
* Filters: Fixed script error when loading configurations with warpsharp filters.
* Filters: The filter system no longer tries Y8 before other YCbCr formats if the filter cannot support a RGB32 source.
* Filters: The resize filter was using incorrect border fill colors for 4:4:4 YCbCr (YV24) input.
* Capture: Frame rate changes in filters are now respected.
* Display: Panes could get stuck in GDI mode if auto-fallback mode was disabled.
* Display: Reduced CPU usage when GPU queue becomes full in Direct3D mode with vsync off.
* Display: You can no longer resize panes below 1x1.
* Render: "Show decompressed output" no longer misses the very first frame if activated at the start of a render.
* Render: "Show decompressed output" wasn't using internal video decoders.
[regressions fixed]
* Filters: Sampling with levels filter didn't work when the input format was YCbCr (since 1.9.0).
* Filters: Filter preview broke when toggling luma mode on levels filter with YCbCr input (since 1.9.0).
* Filters: Fixed cropping bug where tall, narrow videos didn't crop properly.
* Filters: Brightness/contrast filter was broken for RGB32 input (since 1.9.0).
* Render: Fixed smart rendering issue that could cause broken frames at the start of a new processed section (since 1.8.1).
* Fixed a rare crash when doing YUV to RGB conversion on SSE2 capable systems (since 1.9.0).
* Settings saving in the Save Segmented AVI... dialog was scrambled (since 1.9.0).
* Fixed an off-by-one error in the frame count limit for segmented saving.

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