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Lynda.com - Computer Privacy and Security Essential Training
Производитель: Lynda
Год выпуска: 2006
Язык: английский
1. Getting Started
The basics
The threats
The impact of security and privacy breaches
Microsoft's 10 immutable laws of security
2. Firewall Essentials
What are firewalls and how do they work?
What firewalls can't do
Hardware versus software firewalls
Setting up and securing a hardware firewall/router
Configuring and using the firewall in Windows XP
Configuring and using the firewall in Windows XP SP2
Configuring and using the firewall in Mac OS X
Commercial and free software firewalls pt 1
Commercial and free software firewalls pt 2
Testing your firewalls
Sygate Online Services
Shields Up
3. Wireless Security Essentials
How wireless networks work and how to secure them
Wireless encryption 101
Securing a Linksys wireless router
Securing a D-Link wireless router
Securing a NETGEAR wireless router
Securing an Apple Airport
Connecting your PC to a secure wireless network
4. Patch Management Essentials
Why patch?
What is patch management?
Running Microsoft Update
Running Apple Software Update
Patching other software
Dealing with exploits on unpatched computers
Patch hoaxes
5. Antivirus Essentials
Why is antivirus software necessary?
Picking an antivirus solution
Configuring your antivirus
Updating your antivirus definitions
Renew or uninstall?
Virus hoaxes
6. Antispyware Essentials
Definitions, damage, and how spyware gets installed
Spyware detection and removal
How to download and run Spybot Search and Destroy
How to download and run Lavasoft Ad-Aware
How to run Hijack This and post a log
How to download and run MacScan
Fake antispyware
7. Safe Surf
What is safe surf?
Ditch or secure Internet Explorer
Why P2P is so dangerous
8. Backup Essentials
The implications of MTBF
What to back up and how
The myth of the 100 year CD
9. The Weekly Fab Five
What is the 'Weekly Fab Five'?
One: Update your antivirus/antispyware
Two (PC): Update your OS (Windows Update)
Two (Mac): Update your OS (Apple Software Update)
Three (PC): Check your hard drive (Windows)
Three (Mac): Check your hard drive (Macintosh)
Four: Defragment your hard drive
Five: Back up your data
10. Additional Computer Privacy and Security
Extra stuff?
Displaying hidden file extensions on a PC
Disabling Auto-Run on a PC
Removing private information from Microsoft Office documents
Creating secure documents with Adobe Acrobat
Disabling universal plug and play
11. Safe, Secure, and Private Browsing
Protecting your children online
Safe online purchasing
Best practices for creating secure passwords
Clearing your tracks in Internet Explorer 6.x
Clearing your tracks in Firefox 1.x
Clearing your tracks in Safari
12. Email Security Essentials
Web bugs and HTML mail
How to safely handle email attachments
How to spot phishing scams
13. Media Wiping
How to deep clean your computer before you give it away
How to destroy media backups
14. Conclusion
Where to get more information on security training and certification

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