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Нашёл такой вот гид по 3-му сезону. и спойлер на ютьюбе глянул.

03x01 - Series 3, Episode 1 (Mar/28/2009)
Cutter and the rest of the team are still trying to come to terms with Stephen's death. A creature that looks like an Egyptian god comes through an anomaly that opens in the British Museum. Egyptologist Sarah Page and new head of Security Captain Becker attempt to find where the creature has gone.

03x02 - Series 3, Episode 2 (Apr/04/2009)
Giant polar Pandas storm through a zoo. The team must contain them while trying to find out the mystery of a haunted house in which a future camoflage beast is waiting for them.

03x03 - Series 3, Episode 3 (Apr/11/2009)
A threat from the past and future puts the team in danger. Cutter, Connor, Abby and Becker battle to send the diictodons back to their time zone whilst trying to stop journalist Mick Harper from exposing the ARC and it's secrets at the same time. The rest of the team have to fend of Helen and her Cleaner Replicas.

03x04 - Series 3, Episode 4 (Apr/18/2009)
The team have to deal with a giganotosaurus. They also attempt to stop journalist Mick Harper from discovering the truth.

03x05 - Series 3, Episode 5 (Apr/25/2009)
The team attempt to combat a flesh eating fungus that threatens the whole population.
срал я цэ эл ка у тя или цэ эл эс. подрезая меня, помни я по боксу кмс
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