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Portable VirtualDub 1.9.2 Build 31953

что нового:
features added
UI: Added support for configuring keyboard shortcuts in edit mode.
UI: Added Always on Top to window menu.
Filters: Filter cropping dialog is now resizable.
Filters: Added align-to-2 option in resize filter.
Filters: ELA and Yadif modes of deinterlace filter are now optimized for CPUs that have MMX but lack SSE2.
Filters: The filter preview window now has the same context menu size and filter options as the main panes.
Filters: Frame conversions at the start of a video filter are now cached.
Filters: Fixed rare crash when downsizing 8-bit YCbCr images with resize filter.
Filters: Improved frame allocator assignment for lower memory usage.
Filters: Added field delay filter.
Render: Added an option to warn if no audio is written on a save operation.
Render: Fixed several blitter bugs, particularly those involving 4:1:1 sampling.

bugs fixed
Preferences: Audio buffers value was set incorrectly exiting the dialog. The value show when the dialog appears was correct.
Filters: Fixed positioning issues in the filter cropping dialog for small frame sizes.
Filters: Filters now receive finite mFrameCount values in render mode instead of unspecified (-1).
Filters: Yadif mode of deinterlace filter was not caching internal frames efficiently.
Filters: Fixed crash in certain paths when a filter frame request fails.
Filters: Fixed occasional crashes with aligned scanline requests, particularly with cropping.
Filters: Fixed artifacts in resize filter on right border with certain filter+ratio combos, pre-SSE4.1 CPUs, and YCbCr formats.
Capture: Custom video format had HDYC listed twice instead of HDYC and v210.
Images: Fixed hang in PNG encoder.
Render: Added workaround for random hang when aborting render while using XviD with threaded compression enabled.
AMD64: Fixed crash in resampler with certain filter/ratio combinations.

regressions fixed
UI: Timeline scrubbing is more responsive again when dealing with files that have long delta frame runs (since 1.9.1).
Render: Fixed hang if there is a string of duplicate frames longer than the video pipeline (since 1.9.1).
Filters: Fixed some caching and frame numbering issues with filters that have non-zero lag (since 1.9.1).

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