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Notepad++ 5.4.4 Final

Changes in Notepad++ 5.4.4:
Upgrade Scintilla from 1.77 to 1.78
Fix XML syntax highlighting bug while presence of the tag "" (Yes, finally)
Fix Find in files/Find in all open files bug in non western languages (ie. Russian, Chinese, Hebrew...)
Fix the find in files crash issue if find what field contains 0x0A or 0xD
Fix Window7 SetWindowsHookEx() failed issue for the dockable windows. (by recognizing windows7 environment)
Fix no tool bar bug under w2k
Fix Incremental search bug while clicking on text zone after some searches
Fix Matlab script making Notepad++ crash under Chinese windows issue
Make NpWiki++ link available as on line help
Add lines count on status bar
Fix "In selection" bug in Find Replace features
Fix the clickable link issue for some links (add '~' in RegExp)
Fix the bug that Notepad++ does not show on while it is minimized and its file is modified from outside
NppHelp.chm is updated

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