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VirtualDub 1.9.3 Build 32507 Experimental

Вышла новая (пока экспериментальная) версия программы VirtualDub, служащей для захвата и обработки видеофайлов. Последняя умеет читать и писать AVI2 (OpenDML) и многосегментные AVI-файлы (для преодоления барьера 2 Гб). Имеет встроенные декодеры MPEG-1 и Motion-JPEG, а также позволяет подключать иные видео- и аудио-кодеки.

Build 32507 (1.9.3, experimental): [July 5, 2009]:
Features added
UI: Added options to display only one of the panes and to autosize them.
Filters: Added support for 3D hardware acceleration.
Filters: Invert, warp sharp, blur, blur more, brightness/contrast, deinterlace, and resize support hardware acceleration.

Bugs fixed
Drag and drop onto the batch wizard now works in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Go To Prev/Next Drop command now works after the timeline has been edited.
Fixed random frame codes on the one-after frame.
AVI: fccHandler header value for newly generated uncompressed videos with non-RGB formats is now set to the FOURCC to work around encoders that don't accept DIB.
AVI: Fixed bug where zero-byte pad frames were lost if the video stream had a non-zero dwSampleSize value set.
Filters: Cropping button is now grayed out for disabled filters, since the input size is unknown.
Filters: Fill filter now shows correct input size when there are earlier filters (although, currently, the image is still incorrect).
Filters: Fixed bug where crop bounds weren't recorded correctly if the up/down buttons were clicked and a thousands separator appeared.
Filters: Fixed random crash in interlace filter when switching formats.
Filters: The manual field order options in the IVTC filter were flipped.
Filters: Resize no longer forces a conversion to YV24 when resizing YV16 input in interlaced mode.
Display: Fixed crash in GDI minidriver when displaying interlaced video with a 0x0 pane.
DV: Fall back to subsequent frames if the first frame has invalid audio metadata.
Capture: Fixed preview window being the wrong size when filtering/cropping is enabled and preview acceleration is off.
Capture: Fixed inconsistency in capture timing defaults. This only matters if you haven't already run VirtualDub in capture mode once.
Capture: The AVI superindex/subindex settings now also apply to captures.

Regressions fixed
Filters: Fixed error in IVTC computations for RGB32, YUY2, and UYVY formats (since 1.9.1).

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