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Video Thumbnails Maker v3.0.0.1


Updated to v3.0.0.1
[M] Now you can choose - how many files to combine in composite pictures (choose "Combine all files in one picture" in the "Quick settings" section, then select how many pictures to combine in pack). Handy with serials.
[M] French interface language is added! Polish flag is replaced by French.
[M] "Multifiles" numeration now begins with 1 (not 0 as earlier).
[M] "Sorted" button is renamed to "Sort the list", it doesn't disappear any more after the pressing and sorts the list correctly.
[M] Rare bug related to the CLI folder's name passing is fixed.
[M] Audio/video information module is updated.
[M] Presets are updated.

Updated to v3.0.0.0
[M] New generation of the program! Please welcome - BRILLIANCE EDITION!
[M] Engines 1 and 2 are improved.
[M] Annoying wmv- (and some other file types) failure is fixed.
[M] Engines 1 and 2 pictures contrast is improved till Extreme Engine level.
[M] "The product" window is remade. Draw attention on the new "Thumbnails made" and "Runs of the program" counters.
[M] List of files to process is remade. Custom presets and naming schemes icons are updated.
[M] Successfully processed file is marked with grey square on the left side. Otherwise the file is failed. If the grey square is present you can view the result right in the program. Just select the file and press ~ (Tilda) hotkey. Also you can popup the context menu by a right mouse button and select the "Show the result" item.
[M] New setting - "Memory economy mode". Turn it on if you don't need to store pictures in the memory to view results immediately after the job is done.
[M] "Moving files up and down in the list" bug is fixed (user preferences should be moved simultaneously).
[M] "Restore list after failure" function now works correctly.
[M] "No technical details" issue under Windows 2000 is fixed.
[M] The size of the main window of the program is increased.
[M] BRILLIANCE EDITION label is added to the splash-screen.
[M] Some cosmetic changes in the "Autoupdate" window.
[M] The list of bonuses of activation of the program is updated.
[M] Presets are updated.

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