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VirtualDub 1.9.8 Build 32706 Rus (x32,x64)

Build 32706 (1.9.8, stable): [December 24, 2009]:
[bugs fixed]
Fixed occasional hang with certain conversion paths from 8-bit (256 color) to YCbCr formats.
Fixed bug where two curve points on top of each other in the curve editor didn't save properly in script files.
Fixed decompression error in IFF ANIM decoder when entire bitplanes were skipped.
Filters: Fixed glitches in IVTC pattern in the first five frames of video.
Filters: Fixed occasional crash when 3D acceleration is enabled and the 3D device is lost.
Filters: Fixed bugs where the curve display would either show the wrong frames or fail to step in certain circumstances.
Filters: Blends are no longer allowed on filters where the input and output have different formats; this didn't work and produced a corrupted image.
Filters: Fixed crash in smoother filter with MMX disabled.
Decoders: Fixed crash in Motion JPEG decoder on certain kinds of corrupt data.
Frameserver: Fixed random crash issue related to stream format structure.
Hex editor: Fixed bug where 'O' and 'S' activated open and save commands instead of Ctrl+O and Ctrl+S.

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