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Версия: 2.42
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный
Тип распространения: Бесплатно


Изменения (на английском):
[2008-10-14] LNG: Belarusian language file.
[2008-10-14] FIX: calculation of bitrate at APE files ignored APEv2 tag size.
[2008-10-14] FIX: cancel option at Tag Sources was ignored when asking whether existing cover in directory should be overwritten.
[2008-09-26] FIX: undo rename overwrote tag of current visible files in some rare error cases.
[2008-09-17] FIX: runtime error when undoing operations for files where file name contained percent character.
[2008-09-13] CHG: SHOW and SHOWSORTORDER MP4 tags renamed to TVSHOW and TVSHOWSORTORDER.
[2008-09-13] CHG: memory consumption improvements for large music libraries with cover art.
[2008-08-12] NEW: action type 'Split fields by separator'
[2008-08-11] NEW: tag sources dialogs now with Back buttons.
[2008-08-06] FIX: changing cover to 'Back cover' was ignored at MP4s with Nero Digital tags.
[2008-08-02] FIX: binary ID3v2 UFID frames were not read and preserved correctly.
[2008-08-02] FIX: fixed wrong button state at column configuration dialogue.
[2008-07-30] NEW: support for drag'n'drop of cover art from Mp3tag.
[2008-07-26] NEW: support for padding in Ogg Vorbis files to improve tag writing performance.
[2008-07-25] CHG: removing and deleting of files now separated into different menu items.
[2008-07-24] FIX: possible crash caused by ill-formatted action files.
[2008-07-16] CHG: installer information is now stored at HKLM or HKCU in Windows Registry based on user privileges.
[2008-07-06] FIX: minor issues with displaying of error messages.
[2008-07-05] NEW: type and description of cover art can now also be set via the Tag Sources dialog.
[2008-07-02] NEW: support for Ogg Vorbis files with OGA file extension.
[2008-07-02] FIX: drag'n'drop of cover art from Firefox 3 did not work.
[2008-05-30] FIX: installer ignored different user-defined startmenu folder.
[2008-05-30] FIX: 'Edit > Undo' was not activated in all cases.
[2008-05-30] FIX: fixed possible deadlock situation at action 'Remove fields except'.
[2008-05-28] FIX: playcounter of ID3v2 POPM frame was written to the wrong byte.
[2008-05-27] NEW: context menu for cover-related functions now also available at the extended tags dialog.
[2008-05-18] NEW: scripting functions $meta(x), $meta(x,n), and $meta_sep(x,sep).
[2008-05-18] CHG: fields with multiple matching values are now displayed individually at the extended tags dialog also for multiple files.
[2008-05-17] FIX: progress bar showed wrong status in some cases when reading multiple directories from Explorer.
[2008-05-17] FIX: runtime error under Windows Vista at accessing MP3 files that have been moved outside of Mp3tag.
[2008-05-17] FIX: horizontal scrollbar wasn't displayed after changing columns on some systems.
[2008-05-17] NEW: description of cover art can now be changed via the context menu of the cover art display in the main view.
[2008-05-17] NEW: type of cover art can now be changed via the context menu of the cover art display in the main view.
[2008-05-17] NEW: type of cover art is now displayed in the main view.
[2008-05-17] CHG: open and save dialogs are resizeable now.
[2008-05-10] FIX: arrow symbol for helper menu at 'Tag - Filename' was not displayed on some systems.
[2008-05-06] CHG: handling of Ctrl+A in edit fields to select all text.
[2008-05-06] CHG: linebreaks in multi-line edit fields now via Ctrl+Return.
[2008-05-04] NEW: added _FOLDERPATH filtering option.
[2008-05-04] CHG: filtering by _PATH uses the complete file path now.
[2008-05-04] FIX: deleting files with Ctrl+Del sometimes only removed them from the file list.
[2008-05-01] FIX: some actions created empty tag fields if applied to non-existing tag fields with the same name.
[2008-05-01] CHG: linebreaks in ID3v2 comments now CR LF (0x0D 0x0A) instead of 0x0A for compatibility reasons.
[2008-04-22] CHG: Mp3tag now ignores the tag alter preservation flag in ID3v2 frames.

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