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По умолчанию EDIUS 5.12 обновление

Обновление ставится на 5.1 и на 5.11
Что новенького:
Fixed issue with crash when using chroma key on 720p project.
Fixed issue with crash when looping playback of clip with transition setting dialogue opened and then closing the dialogue.
Fixed issue with crash when using transition to specify bitmap on the flip side of Effects such as Page Peel.
Fixed issue with crash while playing certain MPEG (Program Stream) file.
Fixed issue with crash while converting clip which is downloaded from XDCAM.
Fixed issue with FIRECODER Blu not being recognized after updating EDIUS 5.1.
Fixed issue with crash on Disc Burner if it has old Menu style file.
Fixed issue with crash on Disc Burner when clicking cancel button to erase DVD-RW.
Fixed issue with encoding clips when Auto is specified for encode settings.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with writing data to multiple DVD drives simultaneously.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with missing lip-sync in some materials and encoding when creating DVD disc.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with selecting frame rate in menu while creating BD.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with saving Volume Label.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with aspect ratio of menu not being automatically configured.
Disc Burner: Fixed issue with output error being generated when creating work folder immediately beneath the root directory.
Fixed issue with loading some WAV files.
Fixed issue with recognizing alpha channel QuickTime file in which animation is compressed.
Fixed issue with loading AVCHD file from JVC Everio "GZ-HD300/320" onto EDIUS.
Fixed issue with being able to choose "Move rubberband points with percentage" when reference point of rubberband is 0%.
Fixed issue with matching numbers for Rate to the ones for Duration when changing playback speed of clip.
Fixed issue with updating link target for material while importing sequence file.
Fixed issue with loading clip which is applied speed settings (fixed rate) while importing Final Cut Pro XML file.
Fixed issue with reverting to the saved settings when a button to initialize video layout being pressed.
Fixed issue with moving/stretching characters entered in Quick Titler when making mouse left-handed.
Fixed issue with displaying border which is embedded in transition.
Fixed issue with incorrect folder icon display when using effect palette.
Fixed issue with displaying XDCAM EX Clip Browser in Tool Menu.
Fixed issue with not being able to output file with the setting of 25/50 fps HD resolution when using Windows Media Export.
Fixed issue with improper playback of frames followed by a frame which has broken data.
Fixed issue with video and audio waveform not matching when changing frame rate.
Fixed issue with playing certain MP4 files.
Fixed issue with files converted to MPEG2 being rejected by third party's Certified System.
Fixed issue with misalignment of Out point for a file which has been captured as M2t.
Fixed issue with ignoring file extensions when restoring online clips.
Fixed issue with failing to import still images when importing AAF files.
Fixed issue with playing certain AVC-Intra50 P2 clips.
Fixed issue with directly outputting files to PDW-HD1500 via XDCAM DV or XDCAM IMX Exporter.
Fixed issue with displaying error message when failing to transfer clips from P2 select.

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