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Mp3tag 2.45 Final

что нового:
[2009-11-18] FIX: internal selection state was not reset when loading files via drag and drop (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-15] LNG: Swedish translation reworked by Matthias Stasiak.
[2009-11-08] CHG: removed built-in field mapping from WRITER to COMPOSER at MP4.
[2009-11-07] NEW: hex-encoded HTML entities are now also translated in Tag Sources.
[2009-11-07] FIX: moving files from one directory to another via drag'n'drop resulted in unresponsive program (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-05] FIX: query strings containing equal or ampersand signs did not work with Amazon Tag Source.
[2009-11-05] FIX: undo remove or write tag operations sometimes refreshed wrong files in file view (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-01] FIX: sorting filtered results displayed files that were not matched by the filter expression.
[2009-11-01] CHG: trailing pipe symbol in fields filled by Tag Sources are now removed.
[2009-10-31] NEW: installer and program now digitally signed.
[2009-10-29] FIX: numerical ID3v2 frames TLEN, TBPM and TDAT were always written in Unicode instead of ISO-8859-1.
[2009-10-27] CHG: changed %_total% to be empty if there is no total number of tracks stored in the track field.
[2009-10-24] NEW: added support for multiline fields (for e.g., Lyrics) in Tag Panel.
[2009-10-23] FIX: lines in M3U playlists consisting of blanks only resulted in the M3U's directory being loaded.
[2009-10-23] CHG: multiple values of fields in Tag Panel are now also listed in drop-down fields
[2009-10-23] FIX: applying actions on _FILENAME did not always remove invalid characters.
[2009-10-23] FIX: tag panel was not updated after removing files from file list (since v2.44a)
[2009-10-18] FIX: dropping directories from optical drives was always interpreted as add directory regardless of Ctrl-key state.
[2009-10-18] FIX: action Case Conversion (Sentence) and $caps3 gave different results.
[2009-10-17] FIX: importing covers via Web Sources occasionally resulted in erroneous mimetype containing charset descriptions.
[2009-10-17] NEW: added MATCHES keyword to filter using regular expressions.
[2009-10-17] FIX: dropping cover art to extended tag dialog stopped working (since v2.44).
[2009-10-12] CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog.
[2009-10-12] FIX: query strings containing question marks did not work with Amazon Tag Source.
[2009-10-01] FIX: drag'n'drop of non-audio files resulted in blank line in file view (since v2.44a).
[2009-10-01] FIX: selection was not preserved when sorting in file view (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26] FIX: spaces in quoted filter strings were ignored.
[2009-09-26] FIX: occasional runtime error on Export (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26] FIX: selection state did not update after filtering (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26] FIX: selecting multiple files via Shift+Arrow keys did not set to fields with different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: saving tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click did not work anymore (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: selecting multiple files did not set to fields with different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: fixed $loop(%field%) still limited after $loop(%field%,n) at export.
[2009-09-23] NEW: support for user-defined field name mappings.
[2009-09-23] CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2009-09-18] FIX: occasional runtime error when writing tags to malformed FLAC files.
[2009-09-18] CHG: improved status reporting when files are added via drag and drop.
[2009-09-18] NEW: added *.flc (used for FLAC in some programs) to list of supported file
[2009-09-16] CHG: converter 'Text file - Tag' now runs in separate thread with progress dialog.
[2009-09-13] FIX: fixed resizing issue at convert dialogs.
[2009-09-08] CHG: addressed performance issues when reading OGG files with large metadata values.
[2009-09-07] NEW: filter now supports filter expressions.
[2009-09-07] CHG: filtering is now done in separate thread.
[2009-09-03] FIX: occasional runtime error when removing tags from Ogg Vorbis files.
[2009-09-02] NEW: added support for preserving mp3HD correction data.
[2009-09-01] FIX: fixed lost focus after editing via the extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-31] FIX: occasional runtime error when canceling writing operations.
[2009-08-21] CHG: filter now enabled by default.
[2009-08-21] CHG: changed appearance of lists to themed style under Vista and above.
[2009-08-15] CHG: removed German help files.
[2009-08-15] CHG: removed Quick Launch Shortcut installer option for Windows 7 and above.

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